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Basilicata is a land rich in culinary traditions and offers so much in terms of eno -gastronomic experience. Its cuisine is a skilful blend of simple and authentic flavors, far away from the sophisticated industrial foods. Despite the similarities with some dishes of the neighboring regions, the originality of the cuisine of Basilicata is the ability to extract flavors from simple elements.

Vegetables are often enjoyed as a first course, either alone or accompanied with pasta. We can say that according to the tradition, the fresh homemade pasta is an invention of Basilicata.

Horace, the famous Roman poet of the worldwide famous quote "Carpe diem", was from a village in Basilicata where it is still possible to visit his humble home; and once he moved to Rome, he wrote often in his poems about his desire to return home and taste once again the pea and leek soup. This soup, according to historians of gastronomy, is the first written reference to pasta!

Coming in Basilicata, you will be spoilt for choice on what type of pasta to taste before: fusilli, lagane, maccheroni, cavatelli, orecchiette, etc..

Cheeses are also a recurring motif, of excellent quality, especially those derived from sheep and goats, still produced using traditional methods.

Another invention of the Basilicata cusine is the sausage, already known in ancient Rome, and in many places in Italy called "lucanica" or "luganega", from the word Lucania, the ancient name of the land of Basilicata. The sausage is a product of high quality and excellence, especially in the inland areas and can be eaten fresh, dried or pickled.

In the area of Metaponto, fruit, is also a masterpiece of the regional culinary art, cleverly softened by the sun and the Mediterranean climate.

All these products are hardly available because they are usually produced for domestic consumption, and this is the reason why the Graziadei family chose Rosa for their Masseria, a local cook that can skillfully process all the traditional products so that their guests don’t miss anything of all this sensory wisdom.


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