The Masseria has ten cozy and comfortable rooms, renovated according to the traditional style of the Lucan Manor Houses.

All rooms have been furnished with original pieces of the 1800 belonged to the Graziadei family.

Also the names of each room have been assigned in order to evoke their ancient past.

The Fattore room, for example, was the house where Fattore (Farmer) Peppe, pillar of the company

in the second half of 1900, used to live with his family.

The Room Gioia was instead the house of the Gioia family, that has always given and still does, his valuable contribution to the company. The Gualaneria, was the residence of the so called “gualani”, employees that, returning from the fields could find here a bed and a warm meal, expertly prepared by the farm cook in the large fireplace that are still standing in the lounge.
Each room is now equipped with private bathroom, heating, air conditioning, satellite TV and all modern amenities.


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